For Our Furry Loved Ones / Anytime & Emergencies

Fluffy is acting funny. Can you fix what’s wrong?
— Anxious Pet Parents

You can assist your pet with:

  • Illness
  • Pain Management
  • Anxiety
  • Bereavement (our pets grieve too)
  • New environment
  • Faster recovery from procedures or surgery
  • Adjustment and healing for rescues
  • Arthritis
  • New baby/ new pet / new adult in the house
  • Relief, Balance and Assistance for older pets and transition
  • Assistance in emergency situations (not to be substituted for vet / emergency services)

Real Pets. Real Results.

House Calls, Barn Calls & Coop Calls | Any Breed, Where Ever They Are

Animals respond VERY well and quickly to energy healing.  Shannon utilizes her intuitive empathic healing gifts with animals in the same way she does with people. She works on her own body as the surrogate body until she feels the issue(s) clear. While she can often feel the cause of the problem and clear it, she should not be used as a substitute for a Vet. In some instances she has recommended animals be taken immediately to a Vet, which has saved lives. Normally, people contact Shannon because their Dogs, Cats, Horses, Chickens / furry babies aren't well, or have a specific condition.  Often they say, 

"Fluffy is acting funny. Can you please check to see what's wrong?"

Someone called with this very question thinking her dog only had an issue with bleeding gums. Tuning in, Shannon felt a serious emergency situation and told the owner to get her dog to the vet immediately.  Her dog actually had a rare autoimmune disease and was bleeding internally. Going to the Vet saved his life. Another distance client has a young Boxer who was having multiple seizures. The seizures stopped for 6 weeks after just two pet healing sessions. Most recently her dog has gone a record 50 days without a seizure. Even though this issue has not completely cleared, the client has found that her dog is going longer and longer between episodes. She feels Shannon’s work has truly helped.

In multiple instances, Shannon's Pet Healing Sessions have saved pets' lives. 

Even the ER vets were amazed at how quickly Mango recovered, which, in my opinion, was due to a combination of their care and Shannon’s healing.
— Happy, Relieved Dog Owner (Brooke T. - Colorado)
Shannon facilitating a pet healing session on Gus, who clearly loved receiving the healing energies.

Shannon facilitating a pet healing session on Gus, who clearly loved receiving the healing energies.

Shannon has successfully identified root causes when a Vet has had trouble diagnosing an issue. A client in Australia had a dog suffering with a chronic urinary/bladder issue.  After failed medical treatments for over a year for this dog, Shannon was recommended. She felt there was bacteria in the kidneys, and suggested the Vet work from that angle.  In addition to a couple of healing sessions, the proper diagnosis cleared up the issue, which was indeed related to bacteria.

With Shannon’s own dog, she felt something abnormal in her dog's ankle, which the the vet initially diagnosed as arthritis. Shannon insisted on different tests because she felt there was something more serious than the vet's diagnosis.  After new tests, they discovered bone cancer. With the right diagnosis, you can heal problems more quickly.

To help that young Boxer become seizure-free, Shannon suggested the owner pursue energy healing training so her dog can have more regular sessions and instant help from her owner.

In another situation, Shannon was aware that something was not right with her sister’s dog. Later that day the dog began to bloat, which is a serious condition that can kill a dog within an hour. Shannon insisted that they get the dog to the Vet immediately. Shannon worked on the dog from a distance as she was being rushed to the clinic. The owners lived in the country, far from the Vet and time was of the essence. Shannon and the owners believe not only getting the dog to the vet quickly but the distance healing helped to save her life.

Barn Calls

Shannon has worked with and helped a wide range of animals in person, and more often, through distant pet healing sessions - for some obvious reasons!

Shannon has worked with and helped a wide range of animals in person, and more often, through distant pet healing sessions - for some obvious reasons!


While Shannon's pet healings are quite effective in discovering and clearing problems, at times she also finds that the owners are also in need of sessions, and sometimes even an animal's environment needs clearing. Animals absorb emotional energy and physical issues from their owners and their environments. When you are dealing with a lot of stress or trauma such as divorce or illness it can be very helpful to arrange a healing session for yourself as well as your pet. Likewise, it is oftentimes very helpful for the owner to be in the process of clearing their issues as well as their environment while their pet is having a session.  The BEST way to heal, clear and shift is to consider your whole environment AND remember your WHOLE family, furry, 2-legged, 4-legged, tails or no tails.


"Shannon has helped with all my fur babies over the past 7 years.  Her ability to tap into their hearts helped me save my dog’s life and also nurture my cat as he transitioned. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to know what is happening within their pet’s being and it is 100% worth it. Don’t spend your time worrying when you can get some guidance and support.  Archie, Joey, Rocky and myself are fur-ever grateful” -- Katie K. CT