Energy Healing

How does remote/distance energy healing work?
For many energy therapies you do not need to be physically present nor on the phone to experience the same level of healing energy as being in-person. It can seem a strange idea that the energies would be equally as strong or powerful if you are not physically present with the practitioner.  Many people have felt the same way before they experienced their first "remote" Rising Stars, and they all have had several since, with powerful results every time.   The energy present during a remote or distant session is absolutely equal to what happens in the physical - this is because the healing works on all levels and layers of a being.  We are used to thinking of our physical bodies as "us" though in actuality we are made up of several "bodies" - our physical body is the densest of these, and the others, being at a higher vibration, are not physically visible to most of us.  One of the other bodies is the etheric body - this one is the next one to the physical body, and connects us with all of our higher bodies.  So if the etheric body is being worked on in a healing session, which is the case during a Rising Star, whether you're physically present with the practitioner or not, then both the physical and all the other " bodies" come along for the ride so to speak.

How often is receiving healing recommended?
There is not a one size fits all answer. As with anything, Shannon recommends you always follow your gut about when and how often to do this. While Shannon recommends three healings spaced out for maximum benefit, each and EVERY singular healing session facilitated stands on its own and is considered complete. With every session, an individual (or pet) will always receive as much energy as they can integrate related to the largest issue present at that time.

How would I know whether to schedule a Rising Star healing or an Intuitive Empathic session?              Shannon will always guide you in this process. Both forms of energy healings are wonderful and extremely powerful and unique, and most of Shannon’s clients eventually have both. Rising Star sessions bring healing to all aspects and issues in your life, covering the entire spectrum of who you are. They are also very helpful great for help during major life changes and transitions, and for aligning people with their true path and propelling them forward. Intuitive Empathic sessions are wonderful for deep emotional healing. A 60 or 90-day program, comprising everything Shannon offers, is the most effective way to bring change to every part of your life.

Why or when would one benefit from one healing modality over another?       This is one reason Shannon offers programs - Every program is customized for an individual to bring the fastest results. Shannon has worked with clientele all over the world, facilitating all of her services over the phone, Zoom, Skype, Viber and WhatsApp.

What is the difference between being intuitive and empathic?                     While the words are often seen as interchangeable or intrinsically linked, the two abilities – empathy and intuition – are quite different in one important respect. Empathy brings in information and energy like a radio picking up multiple channels all at once. Having a developed intuition allows one to tune in and interpret the information received. Intuitive empathy is a form of intuition in which one can literally sense and absorb energy and information into their own body from other people. Intuitive empaths spot things that other empaths don’t. Their unconscious will reflect on what they see, and it provides them with insight into why a person may be feeling they way they are. Each person's levels of intuition and empathic abilities vary, but it is important to recognize that not all intuitives are empathic and not all empathics are intuitive. Shannon Carson is an empath with a high degree of intuition. She clearly receives/sees/knows/feels AND clears whatever is in the way of wellness in a client.

What's happens during an Intuitive Empathic Healing session?  Shannon is a channel, and very kinesthetic, meaning she is a feeler. And, she is an Intuitive and an Empath (see above). When Shannon is tuned in to you (or your pet), she can feel where blockages are and what it is like to be in their body. As she tunes into them she also often can pick up a lot of information about what's going on or what the causes are behind the blockages. Over the phone you will discuss that as Shannon works on her body as a surrogate body and clears things. She also feels everything moves as it clears so she does a lot of moving and shaking! Shannon has also discovered that every modality she is trained in will show up if it's needed.

I really want to come in-person for Intuitive Empathic Healing. Is this feasible?
Absolutely! Shannon is happy to facilitate these healings in person and will do so upon request. However, these particular sessions are best done over the phone or Skype audio. Shannon prefers no video because she has found that her clients are able to tune in to themselves without the distraction of watching her work. Other benefits of a phone session are that they can be done from the comfort of your own home or hotel room. Times zones and location are not in the way and the client can relax in their own environment. Shannon has found that she is able tune into the client more intuitively and as the information comes through, she and the client can discuss what’s happening. In person, the session is quiet with very little conversation.

Are Rising Star Healings done in person or at a distance? Both! People LOVE receiving this gentle yet powerful energy healing in both ways.

Do I need to be on the phone or Skype with you for the Rising Star energy healing?  No. If you are not receiving this energy healing in person, Shannon simply asks that you lie still for the duration of the appointment time if possible. You won’t “ruin” it if you forget the scheduled time and it will still be the same effective and powerful healing. Many people enjoy scheduling Rising Star energy healings while they sleep, and most report having terrific sleeps and waking completely refreshed!

Can NLP sessions be done over the phone? Absolutely. Shannon has worked with clientele all over the world, facilitating all of her services over the phone, Zoom, Skype, Viber and WhatsApp. Some clients prefer coming in person while many others enjoy the greater flexibility and comfort of their own homes - or offices - during sessions for convenience.

I’d love to become a Rising Star Practitioner. Can you facilitate my Rising Star Practitioner Workshop from a distance?                  Classes and trainings are done in person in Shannon’s office in NYC and in upstate NY. Shannon holds classes regularly and will discuss traveling to you or another date upon request.

I want to do what you do. Can you train me?
In many Energy Healing modalities, yes!  In others, no. To train in Reiki or to become a Rising Star or Prema Birthing Practitioner, contact Shannon to schedule a training workshop. You can also join Shannon's mailing list for event/training/workshop and other special announcements. While Shannon can work with people to hone their intuitive skills and in the healing arts, she cannot however train someone to become an empath surrogate as she is - she was born that way.

Are these healings for kids too?                                   Yes! Shannon has worked with children and teenagers, all with terrific results. Everybody, no matter the age, experiences trauma, stress, challenge and illness. We can all use a little healing from time to time. You may also consider a 30 or 60-day program for maximum healing and longer-term support for your child. As healings can be sought for many reasons, obtaining the trust of the child is paramount and completed differently depending upon the child.

Common healing sessions for children include:

  • The effects of bullying, difficulties with friend or at school sleeping difficulties

  • Bed wetting

  • Anxiety

  • Stresses from changes in home life such as divorce, death, new sibling, pet dying & more.

Healings also assist physical or relationship issues. Options for children’s session and parents being present are:

  • The parent stays in the room for the entire healing

  • The parent waits outside for the entire healing

  • The parent waits but we will call them if we need or want them; or

  • The parent starts in room and can be asked to step out later if the child wants and if it is ok with the parent.

Can I stay in the room for my child/teens’s healing? Absolutely! Children, and parents, will be offered a range of options to ensure they feel safe, comfortable and confident during their healing process so that they are able to fully release. The confidentiality of the child or teenager is respected to ensure they feel safe, comfortable and open to discuss and heal what it is blocking their happiness or well-being, with parents receiving a summary of the healing if they are not present.

Wellness Workshops

Do I need any experience in meditation to attend a workshop?                         Not at all. Come as you are. All are welcome, and absolutely no level or experience in meditation or mindfulness is required. All participants are guided through a series of meditations and exercises and learn tips and techniques that help participants to discover and heal root causes of suffering, heal, access their innate power and achieve their goals.

I’ve already attended a MLL workshop. Would I benefit from another?       Participants will always learn more, heal more and access more wisdom to help them on their journeys and achieve goals. Keep an eye out for workshop themes, and come to those you are drawn to!

Can you do a MLL Wellness Workshop at my company/ office/organization? Absolutely. Contact Shannon to schedule.

I loved the music / exercises /guided meditations. Can you send them to me?
We love them too! However, the MLL material is trademarked.  Come back for another workshop and experience the powerful transformation anew!

I've already attended an MLL. Can I bring the same manual?

I didn't have time to print the student manual/don't have access to a printer.  What can I do?
We will always have copies on hand, on site for purchase.

Pet Healing Sessions

What is “Pet Healing?"
In the same way Shannon utilizes her intuitive empathic gifts with people, she tunes into the animal and is able to feel their issues in the same way she does with people. She feels the animal's issues in her own body and works on herself as a surrogate body until she feels the issues clear. While she can often feel the cause of the problem, she should not be used as a substitute for a good Vet. In some instances she has recommended animals be taken to immediately to the Vet, which has saved lives.

Does Shannon need to be in person with my pet to facilitate a healing?
Not at all. Shannon has facilitated countless healings on animals in person, and even more at a distance to facilitate the fastest response time. Her pet energy healing testimonials speak for themselves. Shannon will make house calls upon request, but oftentimes healings –especially those in emergency situations – are best done at the earliest moment. As cats move around a lot, distance sessions are recommended.

If I nor my pet is exhibiting any physical symptoms, would we still benefit from a healing?
This is often a GREAT time to schedule! While it’s more common for people to seek help when there’s something wrong, the wisest people understand that it’s important to keep your vibration as high as possible for optimal well-being. In the same way regular dental and annual check-ups often spot problems, incorporating energy healing as a part of your family’s ongoing self-care can go a long way in preventing illness and dis-ease. Regular healings help find and correct/shift/ subtle imbalances before emergencies arise. Life will always bring stress or something to work on, and times of non-emergency and non-crisis can be a great time to bring up a root issue for clearing, before it causes a physical problem! Scheduling monthly, quarterly or bi-annual “check-ups” or “tune-ups” can go a long way in maintaining balance and ensuring optimal well-being.


Space Clearing

Can you do Space Clearing on my home/office from a distance?
Yes! Because Shannon is an intuitive and works with energy, she is able to perform [many components of] a Space Clearing remotely. It is just like working on a person or animal, only Shannon is feeling, clearing, healing, & activating the space. [However, for the most comprehensive Space Clearing available, an onsite of session is recommended, and Shannon may travel outside NY upon request.]

Do I need to “do” anything to prepare for my Space Clearing?
It definitely helps that your space is clean, but other than that, Shannon handles everything.

Is there anything I need to do afterwards to keep it clear?                           Maybe. Shannon may make recommendations to keep your space clear and activated. She will always use the totality of her intuitive abilities and extensive training to feel issues in a space and shift them, however often spaces may also need a physical clearing of junk or clutter to be fully clear.