You have helped me realize how powerful I can be.
— Tara B.

Distance/Phone Intuitive Empathic Healing


I am honoured to share my healing experience that evolved out of the 3 sessions of intuitive empathic healing via Whatsapp call with Shannon.

Before even starting the first session I could feel the love and compassion extended to me by this very special lady. So much motherly love, warmth and understanding came my way and it seemed to light up the whole room that I was in. Shannon worked really hard on energy blockages and seemed to connect very deeply with my soul...she however always kept in touch with me verbally and let me know at every stage what she was doing and what she was experiencing. I never felt alone or deserted. As she kept clearing I could feel a lot of lightness and peace. Whenever we talked I felt the deep connection that she had established toward my heart.

As I had approached her about physical pain it was interesting for me to feel that my body initially had to adjust to the clearing of the blockages. It was a bit out of sync for a few days but Shannon was always there to guide me via text message or even call. She generously also sent some extra healing when things became a bit tough.

In the second session Shannon went even deeper and cleared stuff that I never even thought was there. My body experienced a different level of energy and lightness although the pain was not completely gone. My vibration rose more and more as she proceeded working on me. The same was true for the third session. It made me believe I could fly. Although my physical pain is not completely gone I feel so much stronger and lighter now so that I can hardly feel the pain any more.

What I appreciated and admired the most with Shannon is that she includes all there is in the universe to assist you. Her divine guidance and the connection to it is amazing and she uses it whenever appropriate, be this tarot or oracle cards, animals that appear before her window, the weather condition where she is at...you name it! Nothing is ever a coincidence for her and she masters this oneness with the universe to perfection. All I can humbly say is...Namaste — Cristina Cheva, Diani, Kenya

Working with Shannon was truly amazing. Immediately I trusted her and felt safe to open up and be completely vulnerable. The experience was truly beyond words. All I can say is I received so much clarity. Shannon helped me release old/karmic low vibrational energies that were preventing me from living my healthiest and truest experience. The session seriously opened me up to receive so many new downloads and upgrades and now so many new reflections. Thank you for everything. All my love!I will always be grateful! Thank you — Max F., Highland Park, Illinois 

The session felt like it was hitting all the right spots and 'notes'. Some of energies felt so ancient and so stuck that I'd forgotten they were even there, let alone how to move it - or without assistance, at any rate. Putting sounds to the emotions was so helpful; plus the realisation that this body couldn't remember how joy feels was particularly significant! Richard B, Christchurch, Dorset, UK

I have done 2 phone sessions with Shannon and I find her incredibly intuitive and an amazing healer. I felt as if a huge weight was taken off my back. I felt empty and light, giving space for new energies to come in. She was able to clear traumas I have had from this lifetime from childhood up into my adult life. She was able to clear some strong negative emotions I hadn’t been able to clear myself. I am forever grateful for her and her work. Thank you Shannon! — Patricia D, San Paulo, Brazil

I’ve had multiple Intuitive Empathic Healing phone sessions with Shannon and all I can say is WOW and that I pray everyone hear about this. I am always SO FLOORED and grateful for this healing and what becomes immediately obvious - her unique and powerful intuitive gifts.

During my first session, Shannon picked up on something I had never verbalized to another human being - and equally impressive and more appreciated, she cleared it. I’m a healer too and had tried to do this on my own for years. Almost immediately Shannon brought that issue to the surface, and in that safe space brought total relief and freedom from carrying that weight for 30 years. And that my friends is priceless. In subsequent sessions, she has helped clear traumas of childhood (and adulthood), stuck rage, anger, sadness, grief, frustration, angst, fear, overwhelm, stress, and addressed confidence, self-esteem, abundance, relationships and more.  Sometimes recently acquired, sometimes unconscious, sometimes ancient, always deep. I’ve had at least 4 phone sessions for myself, a few for my doggy, participate every time she offers a group intuitive empathic healing, and know I’ll have many more private sessions as life unfolds. After sessions, I always feel lighter, brighter, relief and extremely grateful. I become a better version of myself.

Everyone should have at least 3, and I recommend Shannon and these healings all the time because a) they work and b) Shannon is *incredible* at what she does and one of the most compassionate, caring, gentle yet powerful, insightful healers I’ve ever met (and I know LOTS) who makes being vulnerable safe. I thank God Shannon has embraced who she is and helps others with her gifts, and feel extremely blessed to know Shannon as a person, and in the know about her and these incredible healings. — Jennifer A., LA / NY

This phone intuitive empath healing session shifted a lot of deep emotional issues for me in many ways. I could feel the energy of the session for hours after the session took place. These healing sessions shifted deep emotional issues for me, as I was able to feel empathy for myself with emotions that I did not feel when I was diagnosed with breast cancer 20 yrs ago. I felt tons of sadness, anger and compassion in these three sessions. Deeper than I had gone before with healing work.  Shannon is so compassionate and gentle during these sessions which helped me to feel safe and vulnerable. I know for sure I have felt lighter and more willing to go deeper in my healing which has not been easy for me in the past. After the first two sessions I could not get off my couch for hours!! I could feel the energy moving thru my body, I feel deep STUFF moved out big time. I am so grateful to Shannon for sharing her gift, and her loving ways!!! — Kelly S., Santa Monica, CA

Having had many amazing healings with Shannon, I was not at all surprised that she was able to assist me over the phone in clearing a strong headache and getting to the root of the issue behind it. Shannon took me through the entire process until the headache was gone. This distance healing worked and felt as though we were in the room together. — LE, New York, NY

Shannon is an incredible healer. She helped me to let go of physical and emotional pain I had been carrying for over a decade. I struggled with a condition called Vulvodynia which is chronic phantom vaginal pain. It’s really intense, and embarrassing. Many women are suffering silently from this and I would definitely recommend sessions with Shannon as a viable treatment. I’ve tried everything over the past 11 years to release this ailment, and in just two phone sessions with Shannon I got relief! Now it’s been two months pain free and it feels like such a blessing! She also made me feel really comfortable and had a great way of explaining her methods and what was coming up for her during the sessions. I’m very thankful for my experience, so if you’re thinking of having a session, try it! It could be the miracle you’ve been seeking. — J. Gordon, Jefferson County, NY

Group Intuitive Empath Distance Healing Sessions

WOW! Your group intuitive empath distance healing sessions are soooo good! I was amazed how much powerful energy I felt the entire time, and was happily surprised at what you were describing at every turn. I felt energy moving throughout the session and very centered, peaceful, grounded afterwards. Have to mention that afterwards I found myself handling multiple situations much differently than I used to - I was (am!) NON-reactive, UN-triggered, stronger, calm and UN-attached. These are a BRILLIANT complement to my private sessions. You are amazing and thank you!
— J.A., Los Angeles
This is freaky! You are freaking awesome!! Thanks so much for sharing this with me! Another talent that Shannon reveals from her Treasure Box! Today, for some reason, I felt really calm, totally non-reactive. And trust me, I had some tests of patience where normally, it’d get on my nerves or some type of reaction. Today, nothing. Thank you!
— Marcia Chambers, Brooklyn, NY
It was a great experience. I’m laying down, still letting the vibration penetrate me. Much of what you said resonated with me. 💜 Thank you kindly and I appreciate the experience. I went to bed last night not feeling my best. I had a headache for the last two days though I was feeling better after the session. However, this morning I woke up and I feel renewed!
— Tamika Yourse, Washington DC
I received a lot and felt it. You were describing things as I was going through them for example: you said you were hunched over and I was hunched over! The emotions you described were spot on. I then got super knocked out.
— Rachel A., Manhattan

Energy Healing

These client testimonials comprise those facilitated in-person as well as phone and distance sessions. 

Intuitive Empathic Healing

You have transformed my life! You did more for me in three sessions than all of my years in therapy. — Brenda B., Wayne, NJ

Shannon Carson is an amazing, generous healer. When I came to her I had been painfully bent over and almost unable to walk. As she tuned herself to my dis-ease and released my negative, painful energy, calm began seeping into my embattled body. Shannon spent about forty minutes working with me. Afterwards, I was able to stand up straight and walk almost normally. For a while I felt as if I were floating, and later I slept through the night -- uninterrupted by joint pain. After this experience, there is no doubt that seemingly permanent conditions can be emotion-based. Shannon has developed a unique, effective method of healing which works. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! — Jill B.,Galveston Texas / NY, NY

Give yourself the gift of Shannon Carson! She is a gem! You can experience her in a classroom environment, an in-person healing session, or a phone session. I have enjoyed all 3.

My in-person healing session was a profound experience. Safe, gentle yet powerful and deep;  The healing was amazing and I felt like I had spent a month at a spa specifically tailored for ME! I felt lighter, taller...the level of pain had significantly diminished and a wave of well-being flooded thru me and continued into the ongoing week! Yes, the integration continues well past the individual session.

The phone session is a forte of Shannon's. She empathically tunes into you. Using her own body as a conduit, she is able (in precise detail) to explain to you what she is seeing, how she is making adjustments and registering how deep you are able to go. It is incredibly powerful. That particular day I was having an emergency and Shannon dropped everything to be of service to me.  I felt completely blessed.

Compassionate, deeply insightful, fun, authentic, result oriented....GIFTED....Shannon is a rare gem.  — Maureen, New York, NY

Working with Shannon feels like being rung out and hung up to dry...she digs deep into past and present trauma and your body reverberates back to you what it needs or has been hiding, and that's what you are able to discover with Shannon.

I would recommend working with Shannon to anyone that is searching for a relief from stress, complex fears, and chronic pain.

It's normal to feel dehydrated and even exhausted after a session with Shannon, and that's the literal part of the healing process. Shannon offers wisdom not only during the work but after the work as well to help you keep the channels open to continue healing and strengthening.  — Tara, Washington, DC

I have known and worked with Shannon for many years. Shannon's skill as an empathic healer helps you to release years of stored mental, emotional and physical trauma. Her ability to tune into your problem at an energetic level is a gift to all that work with her. Her compassionate nature causes her to stand out among the many practitioners doing this kind of work. — Dr. Sherri Greene, New York, NY

I woke up the next day and my back pain was COMPLETELY gone. Unbelievable! — Gary T.  New York, NY

Rising Star

Shannon Carson truly has healing hands. After my sessions with her, I always feel like a new person with no pain, no tension and a renewed sense of peacefulness. I was with Shannon one day when my back pain was so bad I could barely walk. She had me pain free and back to normal in 15 minutes! — Mark Cortale, Provincetown, RI

Shannon is a true gem!  She is such a wonderful, caring and talented healer.  I have been working with her over the past few months and have received healings as well as the Rising Star. This past week I was in such a low place with a lot of sadness and heaviness.  It was a struggle do much of anything.  I decided I really needed a healing from Shannon and since she was out of town we worked together over the phone.  After the healing I felt so much better, I felt like myself again!  I wasn't sure the distance healing would be as powerful as in person but it truly is just as effective.  I am so grateful for Shannon and the amazing work she does. —Tara Borejka, New York, NY

Shannon Carson is an amazing healer! A session with her makes all the difference in the world. My profession as a criminal defense attorney is extremely demanding and spiritually draining because I am constantly in touch with strong negative emotions - need, despair, fear, desperation, powerlessness, hate, even evil. Add a good dash of stress, and physical symptoms soon follow. Shannon's ability to heal the mind as well as the body has helped me so much. Not only do the pains in the neck, back, chest, and legs disappear, but I am re-energized. My mind is clear and free from the negative, bad energy. I feel positive and strong again. Shannon restores the balance and inner peace that can be sucked away by the world. A session with Shannon revitalizes me so I have the tools and strength to do my best for my clients, friends, and loved ones. —Brooke T., Longmont, Colorado

AMAZING!!! is how I felt and what I said as soon as I could speak after the healing session with Shannon. The session brought up new and old physical and emotional pain that I had wished was long gone, but was not. I realized that it was time to deal with anything that showed up and looked carefully at the pain and trauma, forgave the situation and all involved, especially myself, gave it my blessings and asked it to leave. Shannon somehow knew where pain was lighting up in my body grid and went immediately to it and helped it to come through to the light of forgiveness and blessing. LE New York, NY

After healing sessions with Shannon, I have felt an amazing sense of relief from physical and emotional tension, improved mental clarity and heightened awareness, an overall feeling of balance, and a renewed sense of hope, joy and optimism. I am an opera singer, and after one of my sessions with her, I went home and sang through a very difficult piece. I was amazed at the improved range, clarity and power of my voice, which could only have been a result of Shannon’s magic. And, having been blessed to work with Shannon at the New York City Opera for many years, I have received many mini-sessions from her as well. The instances in which she has assisted me in overcoming the physical or emotional challenges of everyday life are too numerous to count. I cannot recommend Shannon highly enough. Lisa Remde, Jacksonville, TX


I don't know what I would have done without you and seeing me through my knee replacement surgery. I was so grateful for the pain relief and assistance with rapid recovery. — Brooke T., Longmont, Colorado

Pet Healing

President’s Day weekend and all the regular vets were closed.  That’s when Mango, my beloved 9 year old Labradoodle, refused to get out of bed to fetch the morning newspaper, something he usually did joyfully.  Not even a biscuit or chicken would lure him from the bed.  Something was dreadfully wrong.  We rushed him to the emergency vet, who examined him, and promptly put him on an IV, with a probable diagnosis of acute pancreatitis.  We had to leave him for supportive care, which neither Mango nor we liked.  Hours passed, but no word from the vet.  I finally could take it no longer and went to see him.  The emergency room kennels are large enough for a big dog and a vet working on the dog.  Mango was in one of these kennels, with a cone collar and intravenous tubes feeding into his leg. The ER vets told me he had been very upset, barking, and pawing to get out.  Yes, an ultrasound confirmed inflammation of the gall bladder and pancreatitis.  They let me into the kennel with him, and I tried to calm him without much success.  He was obviously in discomfort.  I held him in my lap as I dialed Shannon, willing her to answer.  When I heard Shannon’s voice, I think I began to cry as I told her about Mango.  She calmed me down and promised to do a remote healing with Mango immediately.  I hung up and continued to try to comfort Mango.  Within about 5 minutes, Mango’s panting lessened, his breathing slowed, and he relaxed in my arms.  I stayed with him until the ER vets made me leave.  Unbelievably, Mango was released late the next day, the inflammation largely subsided.  I think even the ER vets were amazed at how quickly Mango recovered, which, in my opinion, was due to a combination of their care and Shannon’s healing.  — Brooke T., Longmont, Colorado

I originally asked for Shannon’s help with my 2 old, sick dogs. I was desperate to find out if there was anything the vets were missing (they were) and if she could provide some relief (she did).

Without being given any medical details. Shannon accurately identified what the problems were and how bad, ultimately saving me and my dogs more endless, pointless tests. I wanted to know how the dogs themselves felt and when (or if) they were ready to go.

This is the most heartbreaking, agonizing and irrevocable decision a dog lover has to make and endless conversations with the vet and other dog owners just made it more complicated. Shannon’s insights helped me determine what the right thing to do for each dog was, communicated to and from the dogs themselves, and made what would have been a terrible experience for all as correct and loving as possible.

Since their passing, Shannon has given me “reports” on where both dogs are and how they’re doing. You might think it’s a case of wishful thinking on my part but her observations are authentic, very specific and in my heart, think can only have come from my dogs. I can’t tell you how supportive and calming Shannon’s contributions have been— I am smiling thinking about it. If you’re skeptical or have doubts, I urge you to give it a try. I am glad I did.  — Sue T., New York, NY



Thank you Shannon, Your first time as a Femme leader was phenomenal, no one would ever guess. I enjoyed the experience immensely, I went away feeling light and healed, I was grounded and ready to receive the news of my brother's transition the next morning. I applaud you and look forward to more Femme sessions. Thank you. — Lora Clarke, New York, NY

I have never experienced so much freedom and acceptance of my own body it’s really magical, and specially connection with women that I have never seen in my life but for the fact of being together in that energy we were one in love, and all of the above. We need to have her do another again. It’s beyond her expertise and healing that we can let go with movement.

I feel lighter happier and with more compassion and love in my soul and body. Thanks Shannon! — Karina Steinberg, New York, NY

Workshops / Training

Class is delightful;-an uplifting, informative session which includes a variety of meditations,exercises and amazing music! Shannon tunes into you and the energy of the class- and it can be as detail oriented or as broad as you require that day.  The "intention"  of the room is set in such a way,that it easy to assimilate the information and "go deeper" without being overwhelmed. You leave with your frequency level raised, blocks removed, and your "Spiritual Toolbox" enhanced." — Maureen T., New York, NY

Space Clearing

I was expecting the usual New Age approach, but was in for a wonderful surprise. Shannon is a talented, refreshingly cheerful, tremendously kind modern professional. Not only does she make the subject of the healing session feel better, the whole atmosphere of my apartment was lighter and happier when she left.  — Sue T., New York, NY