Working with Shannon was truly amazing. The experience was truly beyond words. I’ll always be grateful!
— Max F., Highland Park, Illinois (Intuitive Empath Healing, Phone Session)
You have transformed my life! You did more for me in three sessions than all of my years in therapy.
— Brenda B. Wayne, NJ (Intuitive Empath Healing, Phone Session)

Shannon Carson is a Healer specializing in restoring balance and wellness through the most effective - and powerful - energy healing therapies and Wellness Workshops.  When you clear yourself, you free yourself, finding greater health, peace, happiness, success and joy!



Energy healing training / certification

From New York City to Sydney, Shannon has helped bring greater wellness, peace, joy and abundance to people of all walks of life through her energy healing sessions, programs and certification trainings. With a signature healing described as "where healers go to heal," it's no wonder people are amazed. See what the fuss is about.

pet healing - in person / distance

Animals benefit from healing too! Shannon has extensive experience helping a wide range of animals heal from illness, emergencies, and alleviate suffering and pain in a variety of situations.  Shannon's pet healing sessions from a distance have helped animals anywhere they are, with many of her healing sessions being responsible for saving pets' lives. 


Wellness workshops

Experience the latest in science-backed mindfulness and well-being techniques that inspire self-care, happiness, and empower people to create the life they want to live.   Reducing suffering, stress, anxiety and other blocks to happiness and health leads to physical, mental and emotional well-being!  See calendar of Events or request a date for your group or organization.


space clearing home / office

If you think well-being, success and happiness is an inside job, you're right! Space clearing helps to clear out old or stagnant energies and bring in the new.  Have your own, "Wow, it's feels good in here!" moment. Anywhere you work, live and love.