Energy Therapies

I felt I had a HUGE weight lifted off my back. I felt empty and light.
— Patricia, San Paulo, Brazil

Intuitive Empathic healing

Serving as the cornerstone of Shannon Carson Wellness is Shannon’s signature healing, Intuitive Empathic Healing. In this healing modality, formally known as Golden Ratio Healing, Shannon taps into the very essence inherent in the divine sacred geometry of the golden ratio - harmony & balance - for stunning results, bringing your body back to optimal balance and well-being.

Utilizing her innate empathic and intuitive gifts, Shannon is able to tune into a client, feel in her own body where energy is blocked, and channel healing energy to wherever it’s needed. She is guided to the root cause and uses her own body as a conduit to pull the stuck energy out, clearing blockages and issues. These issues can stem from deeply rooted or forgotten childhood traumas or even past lives.

Shannon has helped countless individuals and cherished pets with Intuitive Empathic Healing in-person, online, and by distance/phone across the US and in over 9 countries to overcome the physical and emotional challenges of everyday life, bringing relief from long-standing issues such as chronic pain, complex fears, illness or a long forgotten emotional or physical trauma - sometimes even from a past life.

Intuitive Empathic Healing also assists in your ascension process by raising your vibration through healing and clearing your core issues.


The rising star Healing System™

The Rising Star is a powerful self-healing system. It is "self" because all healing is self-healing. The practitioner is trained to hold the energy and create the space for you to heal on whatever level you are ready for.

The Rising Star is a deep clearing and healing of old issues that enables you to change your life.  This powerful healing system works on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual to assist you in removing blocks, trauma, and old spiritual issues that no longer serve you. As you clear and heal you are able to discover your true path and step into who you really are. This healing system is wonderful for times of transition and for when you feel ready to make major life changes and take giant leaps forward in your life.  The Rising Star is one of the most powerful healing systems on the planet at this time.

Shannon facilitates individual healing sessions as well as Practitioner / Teacher training and certification.



Femme!® is a fusion movement class that guides participants through a series of emotional expressions to unleash their physical power and discover release. It fuses primal movement, sensual dance, meditation, creative visualization and celebration of the human form. Inspired by African, Tribal and Free Dance interwoven with the somatic and primal healing arts, Femme!® creates sacred, safe spaces and invites everyone to reclaim and boldly display their power. Come experience emotional healing on a primal level in a safe space by dancing out the emotions locked away in your body. Dance your joy and celebrate your radiance!

Shannon is proud to be one of 60 certified Femme!® Teachers around the world.

Emotional Healing. Primal Movement. Sensual Celebration. Live African Drums.


The Prema Birthing Healing System™

The Prema Birthing offers a gentle and powerful way for you to let go of what you no longer want in your life, including the limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in unloving patterns. This system literally transforms the receptors in your body which in turn change the cells of biology so you can manifest the highest intention for health and happiness in your life. 

Shannon facilitates individual healing sessions as well as Practitioner / Teacher training and certification.

Environment + love + consciousness = wellness



Reiki brings a person to wholeness, balancing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Rei, meaning universal, and Ki, meaning energy or vital life force, is
a safe, gentle, and effective technique that has been around for centuries. It is not a religion and is a pure healing energy from source, therefore it is in harmony with all belief systems. Like The Golden Ratio and the Rising Star, Reiki can be facilitated for both people and pets, with incredible results!

Shannon is a Reiki Master, facilitating individual healing sessions as well as Reiki training and certification - All levels.


Transformational NLP-Coaching

Neuro Linguistic Programming is a collection of powerful techniques that reprogram your mind and body to assist you in clearing negative beliefs and patterns.  Incorporating NLP into healing work generates fantastic results. Clients are able to clear stuck emotions and patterns that have been holding them back for years. NLP looks at how we think and learn, how we communicate and how we create our patterns of behavior and emotional response. Choosing from a variety of NLP techniques, Shannon is able to shift unwanted patterns and beliefs to assist clients to achieve the breakthroughs they have been longing for.