Out with the old, In with the New

The art of clearing, and shifting old, stuck or negative energies through energy clearing techniques has been used by various cultures for centuries.  It’s also used to invite and call in energetically what you really want to create in life. Different from decluttering and Feng Shui, Space Clearing involves the use of various energy clearing techniques, performed in a particular way and a precise order to clear energetic imprinting and enhance the energy of your home or office.  

 “It feels good in here!"

Did you know that a clear space is a key factor to your overall success and wellbeing?  Science has shown that everything is energy and energy is in every ‘thing’.   Overtime, energy becomes literally imprinted in the very fabric of our spaces and things, including in the walls, furniture (both new and second-hand) and other objects in the spaces we occupy. When these energies are negative, they can cause us to feel drained, irritable, stressed, depressed and literally “stuck” in life. When they are cleared, they are able to hold a higher vibration, which enables us to feel more joyful, healthy, productive, peaceful and free! There is a noticeable positive shift, even if the space did not seem negative.

Ideal times to have this done include major life changes or events such as:

  • During and after illness, divorce, separation, death
  • Selling a home / Buying or moving into a new home
  • Starting or ending a relationship or job/career
  • Emotional events / traumas
  • Negative people or discord
  • You’re ready for a change - Inviting what you really want to come in, energetically
  • Have had lots of different people in the space (guests/tenants)

It’s also extremely beneficial to have this done periodically to ensure the highest, most positive vibrations for you, your family & business. Prices vary depending on size of space. Done onsite / Shannon will travel for additional fee. Call for free consultation, estimate or booking.

I was expecting the usual New Age approach, but was in for a wonderful surprise. Shannon is a talented, refreshingly cheerful, tremendously kind modern professional. Not only does she make the subject of the healing session feel better, the whole atmosphere of my apartment was lighter and happier when she left.
— Sue T., New York, NY