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Group Intuitive Empathic Distance Healing

Heal from the comfort of your own home at a discounted rate. Registered participants receive a Conference Call Dial-in Number and Access Code. Lines are muted / Privacy and anonymity ensured. These sessions feature Shannon’s signature Intuitive Empathic Healing, facilitated for the participating group’s consciousness, meaning Shannon tunes into the group, channels and transmits healing energy, describing what is happening as she goes. She will explain exactly what she’s doing, what she’s feeling and picking up on, and what she’s clearing throughout the session.

“I was amazed how much powerful energy I felt the entire time, and was happily surprised at what you were describing at every turn.”


Group Intuitive Empathic Distance Healing
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CONFERENCE CALL INFO FORWARDED UPON REGISTRATION. Please remember to dial-in a few minutes before the call time so you are settled and can enjoy the entire session. Calls start on time with all participants on mute, so you don’t need to announce yourself and won’t be able to ask questions during the call. To ask personal questions, contact Shannon afterwards or make an appointment for private, personalized healing.

It’s best to join the call live, and allow yourself to lie or sit still during it's entirety. You will still receive the healing energies and benefit from listening to the recording even if you cannot make it to the call.